the dalek empire is here

and open to humans to join and discuss

come join us in our dalek empire
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welcome to a primarly dalek community. feel free to discuss any dr who happenings- but dalek apprieciation is of course most desired. no its not really a cult thing, just for dr who fans who appreciate daleks and dont fear the evil killing machines

this is where the daleks and human scum i mean... beings unite.

rules: all communities seem to have them so why not us!

+ this community apprieciates daleks, as must you if you join. all doctor who topics are welcome.

+ this is also not part of some serious dalek cult and we dont tend to have any evil plans to kill people.

+ no pretending to be a 'real dalek', you aren't a real dalek, so dont claim to be. unless you are telling me how you have been able to type a message and why the hell you would want to.

+ no pretending to be the 'real doctor' either, this happens quite a bit on other communities and that gets annoying. its not reall what this community is about.

+ nothing irrelevant- dr who is relevant other shows or sci-fi are not. this is not a general robots community as some are, it is primarily focused on daleks

+ topics are not restricted to daleks but it is prefered obviously. for example talking about the latest dr. who episode is also encouraged.


the daleks are evil "space dustbin" hate love