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12" RC Dalek

My cat hates this thing. My cat hates this thing.

At Christmas, these things were impossible to find anywhere - but now it seems the Dalek invasion has truly begun! On saturday I was lucky enough to grab one of these for just under £40. (And that's cheaper than a talking Davros.)

Structurally, this is a spot-on representation of what you all saw on screen. No detail has been overlooked, no matter how tiny. The nu-style sink plunger, the grooves around the eye, the little bit of Dalek writing beneath the eye stalk, everything is as it should be. The "ears" (as the box refers to them as) are beautifully crafted and the see-through plastic used for the disks behind the eye is a nice touch. The manufacturers did an excellent job.
However, when it comes to the paint job I was a little dissatisfied.
The two-tone nature of the bronze/gold colour scheme isn't as prominent here, compared to some of the other Dalek toys. (although this detail seemed to vary between the CGI and Dalek props on screen so I dont suppose it really matters.) Having actually seen a Dalek prop in-person the other week, I am unsure of what to make of this. The Dalek emporer clearly had this two-tone colour scheme as does the image on *boggle*
The Dalek "bumps" around it's base each have a little plastic rim around them that looks like it has been moulded as a separate component to the main body rather than just painted a different colour. Interestingly though, these rims and the base are moulded in dark green plastic when I think they actually should be black. Its something that seems strange to me but fortunately doesn't detract from the overall look of the toy.
The paint application on the neck section looks really rubbish though. The grill inside the frame around the neck has been painted black but huge chunks have just been missed off. Painting inside there must be difficult anyway so it's a shame they didn't mould this as two separate component (outer frame and inner black grill) like they did with the dalek bumps. Any model fanatic wanting a show-accurate Dalek is going to be touching this part up so get your paintbrushes ready, guys. Also, the BBC props have a lot of weathering on them that people might want to airbrush onto their toys.

This is a toy rather than a show-accurate display piece though, so let's have a look at just how much fun you can have with this thing.

Dalek has 3 settings. Off, on and a "Try Me" mode were you can activate a random voice command by pressing one of it's Dalek bumps. When switched on, his eye lights up blue. The thing really looks alive now! :D
He trundles around and buttons on the controller correspond to different voiceclips that the Dalek can bark at the cat or your nan. This we already know. His arm and gun are posable (the arm doesnt extend like in the show) and with a bit of force you can swivel the mid-section around 360 degrees. Dome and eye movement are automatic though and a mechanism inside the dome means that the eye moves up and down as you turn the dome. The dome is rigged to swivel as he trundles along and irritatingly, you cannot position it so that the dalek is looking directly forwards. If you position the dome to point this way, the eye-stalk is rigged to look upwards. I don't think this can be fixed without gutting the toy.

In conclusion, I think this could've been better. Better colouring and independent movement of the dome and eye-stalk (perhaps by remote control) would've been a nice touch and given Character's reputation for producing hysterically over-sophisticated toys for children, (some of you may have seen Patrick Stewart gushing over them on ITV) I don't see why they didnt do this - although £40 for something this big and cool isn't bad at all really.
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