Earth-bound misfit (captainlucy) wrote in dalekempire,
Earth-bound misfit

Birthday party!!! :D

Apologies for the cross-posting, but I just thought I'd post this to let anyone who might be interested know. :)

Queen's University Belfast Science Fiction & Fantasy Society are having a "bit of a do" on Wednesday 22nd (that's this Wednesday) to celebrate Doctor Who's 43rd birthday. We'll be showing a few episodes (one classic story and one recent story), there'll be chat and discussions, a charity raffle with some fantastic prizes, and a Doctor Who quiz. And of course, there'll be a lot of fellow Doctor Who fans!

Everyone is welcome, admission is a mere £1 with all proceeds going towards the BBC Children In Need appeal. Things kick off at around 1.30pm in the meeting rooms on the top floor of the QUB Student's Union and will finish around 10pm, though we'll more than likely all just head over to a nearby bar afterwards to continue the craic. :)
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