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Get up and Go!

We met Daleks!

Heres some photos from Alex Storer at, taken on Saturday at the National Space Center, Leicester. Interesting to see the new gold Daleks in person. Personally, I thought they looked a little "cheaper" than on TV. I thought they were lit so that the two-tone gold colour scheme didn't look as good. :(

The Dalek was positioned so it looked like it was floating. We did get down on our knees to try and sneak a peek at what the Dalek's underside looked like but we looked like berks. (it was hollow 0_o)

The actual Emperor Dalek prop from the show! This thing was amazingly detailed but a whole lot smaller than I expected it to be. What an interesting design! The three plates that surround the body are on pistons. It looks like they can close up or something. I wonder if we'll be seeing this guy again?

Click images for a larger view.

The Dalek builders league were at the exhibition too and they were having a great time trundling around in their Dalek suits, frightening as many children as they could. They had the flashing lights and Dalek voices built into their suits so they were practically real Daleks - except they were squirting water instead of shooting death-rays. Oh well. The silver one seemed quite happy to answer all the kiddies questions 'in character' which was hilarious to watch. We stayed for a while while it explained about Davros and the Time Wars to the crowd of children that had surrounded it.

Hats off to them for going that extra mile and interacting with the kids. It can't be easy. Any Dalek builders out there?
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